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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  November 29, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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participant deferences go causing thousands of dollars of damage. black friday frenzy sweep across the nation turning violent the morning may be waking up to somewhere around they area talk about the storm heading our way coming up >> : time on some o'clock the morning top story at the rain had our way of westinghouse and free up this morning are coming down >> : how much rain to expects >> : this year's storms all suddenly could see the up to 5 in. far higher elevations
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in the north bay right now most of us a seeing a dry break heading up the door may encounter what roads but looks a lot of this pushed and the self the to go to the north bay we do have some said showers over nevada area and there aren't the 117 and a change. in taking over the south bay take a look at moderate to heavy rain developing millipede is ron dixon landing. it looks like this continues work its way east from this point forward only talking about scattered showers as we had in the afternoon. at its to be hit or miss often on to turn raw handy and when will pick up today with wind gusts up to 35 mi. an hour >> : we will see more and develop overnight heading in the sunday. dry weather by sunday evening and then looks like we will be dry for the most part monday sprinkles are possible. but more and heading in our direction tuesday wednesday. the water use satellite radar. you see a lot warm moisture in the forecast full details on how much rain this will bring coming up in 15 minutes >> :
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our top story following this morning. more protests broke out around 630 last night. the protesters are upset over monday's grandeur ruling by kron shipping taste and herbs and missouri. they continue to throw objects at the police out of san francisco. cellphone video shows said francisco police officer be hit over the head with what looks like a traffic barricade during an arrest and >> : we do know several arrests were made and police say it could be into monday before we get this final number on what happened friday night >> : to end a protest in union square windows smashed to police officers injured as police tried across the protesters the more video from less my helicopter partnership with abc seven news and this began to protest one on the embarcadero the other in union square after a while converged into one big one. mike pelton live at union square or much of the damage
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is done. mike powell is a look like this morning >> : some holiday news with a backdrop of a few broken windows as a seal of large- scale protests a lot of the protests rain peaceful but it is small faction of them decided turn destructive rather constructive. less that they clearly won gold and have a good shooting service that took here place behind me to to go police obviously we lost the mike audio it's like the video you can see a lot of people conversion on union square a time when hundreds of thousands of people there for the tree lighting ceremony and those people ran into a lot of to recover there's a lot of graffiti all over the place down there. severance copley's department aware of that. that officer is there demobilize did make arrests and just again trotted audio from mike and i can tell your us were made and should
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not get the final number till sometime monday >> : west side protests followed a protest earlier in the day caused major delays after west oakland bart station at that 0.125 people wearing a t-shirt that says livd to demonstrate at the station >> : 25 people at the protest ended up chaining themselves together are arresting train services between 7 cisco oakland police arrested 14 people for crimes including obstruction of trade and protestors spent days rallying against the jury's decision monday and then decide not to indict officer barron wilson some smashing windows businesses and blocking freeways >> : mean laundress and missouri more than a dozen protesters arrested last night during a demonstration outside the police apartment >> : tensions escalated after day of mostly calm protest at earlier demonstrators staged a so-called blackout like
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fighting process upside several retail stores >> : to continue the focus of all but severed some protests from protests here in the bay area and also check our web site for updates the kron-4-dot-com and casa facebook twitter. >> : pollution causing it to the calls on north on 680 milpitas. at some happen around 6:00 this morning. debris was spread all across lanes until crews reduce blockage to one line. thus my time has been given for when the road will be completely clear >> : happening today small business saturday shoppers and to urge to shop and local businesses and for about a larger chain stores keeping their money local. small-business said it created back 0.10 >> : coming up on the right weekend as red-for bargains is over what about black fight madness for across the country can't cite many arrests were made. when the
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latest information on a legal sideshow no plans involving more than 200 people and california and gearing up for what weather house officials are preparing for possible mudslides following the wildfire and all the wrong account to be right back and on ♪
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ockham back flex runover now before causing friends across the country >> : of officials said the holiday shopping season brought big bargains from some foreigners injured neurons reports some places even had fights breaking out >> : the can that fought and the but >> : shoppers to stores across the country in droves looking for the bargain >> : got the four morning it's crazy >> : willows and joy being with family travel make it a girls hang out my with on
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all kinds of deals >> : it started thursday and >> : some stores open banks given morning while many retail giants waited till after dinner decision has sparked criticism are your crystal clear they want us to be opened last night and had that in feedback this showed up a massive numbers and some close or toward the dollar flex screen tvs $5 bargains malls were packed national retail federation project spending more than 4 percent over last year >> : online spending grow even faster with various estimates projecting spikes between eight and 15% >> : a few did not for the crowds yesterday or find what you're looking for still have lot of time before of course of find a bargain of a and monday's never mind if this with black friday of internet shopping a lot of places offer free shipping that's my biggest incentive
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a hit paying for shipping but will see what happens with the monday i have the best among the deals as mighty mouse no off for the two-year tax law lets celebrate our most of the rain has actually passed us and the moderate area. scattered showers across the deck full details on the weather forecast on kron for weekend returns >> : saw
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the getting up and getting ready to leave the house you notice a lot of rain and certain places what simplism us so bad all to go coming down how much is it coming down >> : or cutting down to deal right out love valley fair dealing with the brunt of the right now but action could start to dry up bullet
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rainfall so overnight and resuming here on strong tracker or the nevada out area you can see right along highway 37. at last check we did see moderate heavy rain and looks like that continue to work its way east and as a slide down heavy rain right now downtown san jose looks like the south the sackler dealing with some sprinkles and short bring right now in cupertino. nothing to organized for the afternoon evening and we see here miss showers and wind gusts up to 35 mi. an hour and higher elevation. the rain back with widespread over 9 hour and early sunday and future calves shows exactly that had been said that 9:00 this morning. light rain remaining in the south bay and mostly dry weather a few possible showers into tonight. keep the umbrellas handy just in case. of the talk among a complete washout for saturday and took a light rain for vallejo petaluma
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san bruno on toward livermore valley continue to see those showers develop into early met saturday morning. >> : what one 3 in. for lower levels to 5 in. for higher elevations in the north they wet weather takes a break in a monday beckham forecast tuesday wednesday. mostly cloudy conditions however into the rest the workweek >> : some officials are worried the storm could trigger mudslides in areas devastated by the kings fired this come months ago crews spent much of the day yesterday and working to prevent possible mudslides. helicopter swoops and snags of full two minutes later nine more the u.s. service knows she can protect all
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97,000 burned baker's without injured focusing cruise on a 1% of the burned at the lead set most risk of mud slide most likely cause damage >> : and then in storms coming this way and have high burned spirit area. and in cutting down dangerous trees abound on longest road trip >> : i submitted a million dollars mile us for nesting right now to prevent that >> : is also paying part of the cost to its reservoirs and power stations might be in mudslides path. and of sedimentation and will result in material going through and blocked their causing damage >> : if the edge of go like this will be not just mutt that comes down but also trees storms boulders big as
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these. new chp investigators release more information or lead to larger people detained stirring of the port of oakland was tonight's a little sideshow. video from helicopter partnership with abc seven over the area of maritime. as you can see the whole area converged with people such show as well as the authorities. and there recover to fire arms 23 citations and impounded more than a dozen cars but made no arrests. to known presence of firearms officers advance in the crowd weapons drawn of the early in systematically detaining all parties present >> : we did this unseen interviewed everyone knows there we know who is driving will car and video for more aircraft to land that to put charges on a latter-day unlawful not to participate but also aided and abetted
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and suspicion the speed or such a >> : chp says lower with the army account district office. the get the possible charges range from participating sideshow to illegal discharges >> : centerfold police and for a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend. this is glenn of burgundy any allegedly said the boyfriend had been often lie in the middle of mission ave and then taken to hospital and stable condition this morning. bernadine me is considered armed and dangerous >> : place with a for the suspect animals are shooting at happen southern california involving gunmen wearing or will mess. detectives and chill california's a surveillance photos show the attacker. and the masked gunman walked into business and chow a construction worker renovating the building. a witness told police the gunman ran off after the shooting and treated at hospitals and since been released. so far not able the location it >> :
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plans also must get edition inside chicago nordstrom yesterday. then opened fire inside the store and shot a woman. and then turn the gun on himself. they target the woman at that time worked at the store should ideally cosmetics counter woman survived and is in critical condition this morning >> : coming up on kron 4 more news weekend. big train for the oakland a's and where rice is getting ready for a possible return the nfl. i've looked at the bay bridge toll plaza. obviously not store about traffic the top tier screen covered plateaus cards and rain is coming down >> :
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do not find a shopping doing some wheeling and dealing. after the troubled crazy tincal blockbuster trade after the a's a lot of fans very upset the reason why the all-star third baseman joshed also the day's best hitter after the day's shift and young this system is a little less season. in return that is for on proven clearly see all the plays out >> : here they are brought to our labour place donaldson third lowry hit to 47 last year 12 homers and 38 rbi. four years younger than adults and lowery the most important part is also cheaper. for a half-million this coming season and that a also get to pictures up and to the griffin sean allen topping off the deal a 18 year-old shortstop prospect run out and here's what the general manager has to say about that the trade
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>> : going to have to be more impressed and see what happens to the point. u.n. of done it in fees for us for and the deal each one represents further need a line of the on order signed themselves dog fight against a hornet's and charlotte's last night horse led by as many as 10 points if curry was quite in the first half. and out jefferson was the second half the warriors got the point. maris had his way down low. and end up being a hero with 16 fourth quarter points. says crayfishes the game 26 lawyers steal one final 1 0611 golden state eighth win in a row and now 13 to on the year >> : possible sever get a chance to play for the ucla bruins
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without when ucla guarantee themselves a spot and the pack for championship game meant company put an end to that >> : stanford absolutely manhandles their runs with 3110 and the packs well championship game will not be to arizona eric sector. and after next friday >> : for baltimore ravens rice has an indefinite suspension lifted he has appealed the suspension judge found rice did not miss a week much fidelity first mentions about the domestic violence defense and mix rice available to play immediately after signs that the team so far no teams indicated it wants the own prices baggage from his domestic violence rest >> : more than likely probably will play somewhere next year. coming up on the morning news weekend by wal- mart employees get there but for a protesting outside stores across the country that here in the bay area >> : live look outside at the
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left of your screen tell you that the protests from east
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bottle the your protesters held signs chanted. on the right side similar protests in two separate wal-mart's and armand california. organizers of protest say the chose black friday plenty of visibility on the heavy shopping day >> : , also protests in the bay area. kron 4 alicea has the story. >> : sending together well pro employees protested dancing $15 our way increase full- time opportunity. a violation got out and a the end they told me it now appears >> : to speak up about unfair treatment of management brutality retaliates because and that's our hours >> : by one day scheduled for me to work >> :
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that the company places and plays a decent a-line holding off on a shopping or more until they do his part or more workers to a food pantry >> : some time a company like wal-mart $50 a profit every year of forcing workers to live in poverty >> : store managers started out as a part-time employees company offers a number of opportunities for good job growth will more promoted hundred 70,000 employees across the u.s. just last year >> : 7% of them promoted and tremendous subsidy >> : in the process in union square also going on as well and severance discuss so we have to wal-mart also wants to show you protest in san francisco union square
7:33 am
how this happened there tree lighting ceremony thousands of people already there on the protesters still upset over missing grand jury and not to incite baron wilson. but there are some of us nice and cause a lot of chaos and one please officer injured with >> : never pork from kron for mike pelton files this just a few moments ago >> : play music grunion square backdrop of a few broken windows a large-scale protests a lot remained peaceful but then decided to turn destructive and a brother and constructed. their chilling ceremony that took place behind me please develop happen they wrapped up rustics are less dealing few hundred trencher union square by officers protestors engaged in a civil clash with police and
7:34 am
chanted rallied against arson decision some turn violent concussion and noses of businesses along the border there are street >> : he was swinging wildly please manage to get the protestor which means we're down market street did then enter russian district and got more ports a smashed windows during the protest to officers injured one by brick thrown at officers just another when a bottle hit police and hit the officers face >> : the officer needed stitches to francisco police also tellus made several rest in terms of how many arrests 04 a presells but cannot get that information to monday >> : saw you mobile app help you
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make sure you get the best deals from shopping solid season to quarter game shows how works >> : is no application really helpful when shopping in side retail stores >> : it you take an item off-the- shelf launch the application find a bar code on the item < with the application with the phone instantly your shown the different price results you want to the application ready to stand what the bar code on the back the package when up the red line train in the application and that's it instantly recognizes the product and comprises >> : should express our that item is in retail stores person per location even shows you automat and gives you directions >> :
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tells you amazons telling a 4. amazon doesn't always have the best results cell their present shows the best price online that's not amazon >> : and the sun was the stress from example a strong as a free at only for i'll ice devices coming to endured soon >> : wedding ring was nearly a decade ago returned to its owner >> : level of sight temperatures cutting morning rain falling debris back >> :
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fifth or protest break out on the bay area class night protestors upset about monday's french jury ruling about shooting case where this and misery. for 630 last night the protesters started marching at the embarcadero of to market street from to the mission district ended up in union square with much damage less than hacked them to return the your shop near macy's building damage. if it directly across a street three windows broken their >> : teaching investigators released more information about more than 200 people detained port of police wednesday night with such show. but from up a partnership it be seven or seven part-time they say they recovered to fire arms issued 23 citations and pounded more than a dozen cars and ignore ross >> :
7:41 am
surf all looking for a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend police say: the bernadine me allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the hand and then left him lying in the middle of mission ave book printed in the hospital and is in stable condition. >> : the losses would bring a decade later search comes to an end during the night with the bowling lane but the ring falloff in here bouncing pullers scrambled to help with this original finding of the course of years of the couple's in touch with the bowling alley and september plans replaced the red raiders found the range >> : expert career to never miss it was to discussion and for holiday office >> :
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giddily your house and noticed a start off with some parts what saturday morning however how much for how long will be born that sent over my friend erica >> : nice see you here today heading up to a few scattered showers and some other rain fell overnight. half-inch in san jose was to dry conditions for now sing a few sprinkles near nevada american canyon or along highway 37 and to some light rain in milpitas most of this rain will continue to await its way east and south tracking close to a moderate. satellite radar shows a rare kind of try for the bay area and have more
7:46 am
the source of the north. and the next chance for widespread rain will arrive overnight heading in the sunday >> : are severely scattered showers contemning worked engine affect said it plans. mostly reconditions perhaps few raindrops and santa rosa later on we see off not shower really overnight the start to widespread rain and fog totals between one and 3 in. for a lower elevation 3 5 in. for those of you closer to the north bay to and they're on the bay forecast weather continues sunday to goes possibility monday and tried right there. tuesday wednesday. the greenback in the forecast looks it will start to see dried things out into the in the workweek >> : , is giving out over the march holiday preseason for to make your vest the
7:47 am
impression >> : time employees make the biggest mistake holiday office party >> : to make sure yet the talk at the water cooler the next day the carter ceo of style and. pepperell local runway. undresses suits other outfits for any occasion >> : really wondering what is the biggest mistake fashioned people make the holiday office party every year >> : trying to much skin. what i say to avoid the plunging neckline. mr. smith justice thurlow [what should you
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wear talking after work at the of the celebration >> : seven were covered by the late blaser could be nice >> : that the same monophysite holiday of the party >> : their co-workers with c l u one or impress them with your style and not overdo it. not too much skin a little bit alarmed >> : general office parties dos and don'ts their >> : about the same where something fun and as the time the show is style we made of. something formfitting and install back and right now so but this is
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very beautiful with long sleeves it's below the knee with a green dress what is look there green is very end of season a few looks good on ya out where that is beautiful and it's a beautiful dress you can wear. critics historie >> : a one-piece for sequins to keep it simple where black underneath that matches the sea grins. >> : is celebrating holidays for the rules of dos and don'ts definitely look cute but don't come in costume and
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sweaters fun >> : i was a spear also are some tips: error website >> : what meat the parents dating threat der just getting ready to meet the parents of your new boyfriend. a very short skirts you see here on-screen some examples what to wear. yet to be addressed next you look stylish and glamorous. what is the ultimate christmas of that.
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>> : beautiful red green dress with a jewel ultimate christmas jessica have never seen a beautiful christmas dress and of the we have the smooth on the holiday ball >> : and farm situation what should you wear >> : black is something very easy simple but can also turn and then nothing else i ought to letting and to many chances to dress up on or something
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to watch buzz fans of crash sites and website trying the stick pig at the teacher and will be directed by jay abrams comes out december of next year >> : during up for the horse- drawn wagon for the official 20 ft. christmas tree yesterday kicks up and tense day of the undead decorating many decorations honor military family person shall abide military families to the lighthouse for a first look at the decorations >> : coming up but news weekend latest on the overnight protests 7 cisco cut thousands of dollars worth of damage and this is in
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this morning kron 4 more news the processes san fransico causing thousands of dollars worth of damage but credit frenzies its across the nation tearing viral good morning here's a live look at storm tracker mostly dry conditions and now about whether the forecast coming up >> : good morning everyone wants of going on in the saturday
8:00 am
both " protest and the u.s. blockbuster deal of be in this era as a talk about the brain and how much grain we can expect for the day >> : very accumulated over interest then narrows the. nomo's half-inch first san jose area. and rainfall totals most of were worse think about the conditions to go look at some tracker for iran right now over how 37 looks like just north of milpitas to sprinkles there in the south bay still dealing with a light to moderate for san jose center clara and continues his way south. as we tackle it your day planner temperatures on a warmer side right now and cloud cover heading out to miss the upper 50s. cloudy breezy conditions as we had in the afternoon. it continued the chance of often on shower and the nuclear girls away just get cut train heading in 50 minutes >> : top story following this
8:01 am
morning more protests break all run 630 last night. they're upset about the grand jury decision on monday not to indict officer derrick wilson and every semester shooting in the police officer michael brown african-american. san francisco police up serbian head of the head with what appears to be traffic barricade during an arrest and know that several arrests were made but police say could be until monday before we know the exact number >> : and/two officers injured more video from hot helicopter partnership with abc seven and thus began to protest what along the dark and narrow added another at union square and eventually those to merge into one big protest >> : like paul and is alive and this morning. and you can see right here a lot of damage but a very busy
8:02 am
month you see a couple of shopowners backing up inside the store obviously what the city also occurring girl. on stockton street and see some clearly/the land on a couple places this when the tip of obviously not yet replaced one of several broken windows with saw last night protest picked up about 630 yesterday evening rush of people tastefully marched against the recent treasury decision could this is true for everyone will clearly one that are up a holiday tree lighting ceremony as a at union square. since the protest went from there in her verbally to violent by special windows people destroying property that doesn't belong to them for reasons they don't fully understand we don't know
8:03 am
everything went down. time the start apprehending the ones that do this >> : place to make arrests later at this point not clear exactly how many. they did move the market street mission district and more reports of vandalism police say one officer hit in the chest and another needed stitches after someone threw a bottle at a police car and the glass shattered the come back out your life is quite a contrast this morning after for a holiday music in macy's and then across the street to the damage obviously areas have to replace several windows today >> : very busy morning for shoppers and shot orders punter the situation. a sense protest followed protests earlier in the day that caused major delays of west oakland bart station 125 people wearing t-shirts
8:04 am
wearing black lives matter. that demonstrates the station 25 ft. people end up training themselves in because the tax law on a more difficult for police officers to pull them apart. the did arrest 14 people for crimes including trains and protestors spent days rallying against the jury to monday. some smashing windows business as a blocking freeways >> : more than a dozen protesters arrested last night during a demonstration outside the police department >> : tensions escalated after a lot more to come protest. earlier than this stage the so-called black friday protest >> : continued fall latest developments on the protest as well as protests and the bay area and tracker website for updates kron 4 and follows on facebook as well as twitter >> :
8:05 am
shopping season began with black friday barred the big bargains and shoppers in the store across the country in droves of and for the perfect sale but price frenzy started as we know about the search thursday for a lot of different businesses some stores opening thanksgiving morning all many big retailers waited till after turkey dinner >> : it is crystal clear they want us to be open and i have feedback they showed up in massive numbers >> : national retail the holiday season spending more than 4.1 percent over last year online spending expected to grow even faster to a and 15 percent cut this for now >> : small-business saturday and local businesses and forget about a larger chain stores keeping money local
8:06 am
>> : some business saturday in a beckham 2010 >> : on a small business saturday tell you where the new local charity weakened by guess and the big back at the same time latest information on a legal sideshow and oakland involving more than 200 people the deal from wednesday the story first year's level outside nancy cloudy a little bit breezy and area some parts already fallen down >> :
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
to vehicles blocking one lane northbound 680 milpitas a jackson happened 6:00 this morning. debris spread all across lanes and the crew crews had the lanes one lane for the least move to the area. no estimate time when
8:10 am
the road we will be cleared >> : chp have more information about the more than 200 people detained in the port of oakland following wednesday night illegal fought side show. the deal from helicopter partnership abc seven. of the area at seven maritime conceive their please let all the place authorities say there will cover to firearms 22 citations and hundred more than a dozen cars so far not made any arrests >> : the presence of firearms officers advanced in the crowd early systematically detaining small parties present >> : within on seen interviewee and not everyone was there any visitor from the craft to win that >> : unlawful not only participate in but aid and abet exhibition the speed or
8:11 am
such a >> : chp will work with the district attorney's office and the possible charges from curt's is pitting a sideshow illegal weapons charges >> : coming up on morning news weekend we will have a live interview with charity group that will give as well as get in that interview and a few minutes >> : of the morning and sell francisco can see the transamerica building >> :
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8:15 am
light rain and even that is tapering off overnight we see rainfall over half-inch for south bay. we have up to an inch for a higher elevation in the north bay. between two systems right now one overnight heading our way. then one or more weather heading to the closer we can and high right now. dealing with snow and the sierra nevada back at 24 are. that could get another 6 in. for tahoe. when it buys are still in effect for up passing to the direction >> : most dry weather for the rest of the day care miss showers nothing to organize. and tonight at your dinner plans nappa concord where to the heart of the bay of oakland looks like we see rain pretty late in nature. for about one the three differences for lower levels
8:16 am
could see 5 in. for higher elevations in north bay 70 renovate forecast see for the most part and that to sit wednesday before we try things out into the end of the workweek >> : obviously the shopping season people heading out to look for products trade if you want to be unique for family friends and one been giving spirit joining now was shopping for a change board ceo. a bunch of items in front and so proud tell us why they're so unique and something you not see in stores >> : near non-profit and the bay area most products on our website >> : and occasionally do live offense to do it with partisans are not with countries from a world mostly women and health and join products to market. with the global market and
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committee just myself. the law is anything as the shopping season people want unique items want affordable items a year that the affordable right. the sample $35 >> : to $45 >> : the necklaces of 56 your dollar range. embroidered built and fruit in the $60 range. how did this all start start with a trip to peru. was about to turn 50 years old solar poverty and have a different never had before when ncnb the
8:20 am
tremendous sort of artistic talent at a big audience that they could reach the house to press for a few months is a really struggled with less off and then anyone of these women have to be born here are the particular lifestyle the business model allowed me to use my background that they consulted dignity intact and able to use indigenous talents styles everything from weaving and embroidery and those more appealing flights to these locations look at them as the buyer
8:21 am
got locations and everything's done on-line but not nearly over 40 different arsons not 20 giving countries. a summer is watching this if a hundred to of people by the supply of stock sunday.
8:22 am
trade the have this amount of inventory ever being able to anticipate the amount of people and traffic so forth. let us so deep and with website on website >> : ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground. ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, it's a whipped cream day... ♪ ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ if you're in trouble blue jays you can call up a blockbuster trade after the a's many not happy this morning reason why a's have lost all-star surveyed josh
8:26 am
stunt growth. they said hatter and they have their other this circuit in the red sox of and the middle the a's to four on proven players and allow worried place awesome 1/3 to 47 last year to of commerce 40 years younger than nelson 20 >> : dawson likely get for a half million dollars in arbitration this coming season and is also get to pictures can the grave and sean no one and a topping off the deal 18 year shortstop prospect franklin broke. lawyers on themselves i dog fight against the charlotte less 9 lead by as many as 10 points. seth required in the first half while scoring eight points. allison it would be known the warriors going and many
8:27 am
see as the jump off there. he had as many points download. in the end up being the zeroth 164 1/4 points. seth has the at 26 warriors by one of 61 a one. and now 13 to on the year >> : stafford getting a chance to play spoiler ucla bruins with the when you see all guarantee themselves spot and the world champion kevin cogan and the company in the bed >> : happening today the golden bears taking on the be what you cougars at the memorial stadium berkeley this afternoon kickoff 130 and then it goes away by that
8:28 am
time >> : for baltimore running back rise had an indefinite suspension lifted prices has pillow and the suspension restaurant found the right adult we first question him about his domestic a by one to rest. and a service available to play immediately of reasons for the team. so far no teams indicated it wanted on rice. because of domestic violence baggage mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate.
8:29 am
green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
8:30 am
right now is a 30. star tracker shows mostly dry conditions are on the bay area few storms little better rain just east of san jose. for the rest of the did expect often on showers not to organize a brain for a self the do have a winter
8:31 am
weather by israel in effect for wind advisory pretty windy and 6 12 in. of snow in the next 24 hours and up to 55 d and drive cautiously and had in that direction. borane rise in the bay area and the sunday in the coming up the next report. >> : but fighting coming dawn not without some controversy. wal-mart stores across country protesters gathered and demand wage increase $16 an hour. nonetheless the screen from a small new york protesters held have signs of a chance and the rights of your screen similar protests in to supper wal- mart stores in california have an art and organize a protest say they chose black
8:32 am
friday in new gigatons of petitions on heavy shopping day >> : of our employees have both said the company store milpitas yesterday. demanding a $80 million stories about retaliation managers speak yacht adult organs working conditions beckham for your quick and supporters say the one trouble wal-mart until the company fixes those problems >> : and support workers at many forced to go to the food pantry the celibacy's and at the same time a company like wal-mart with 66 billion profit the year of forcing workers to live and party >> : and the store manager says wal-mart offers plenty of opportunity for job growth 70% of store managers promoted from the location >> : a mystery in san jose man stumbles on a backpack full
8:33 am
of cash inside burger king and the search is on for the rightful owner. con 4 andy anderson reports mentioned on the money did not hesitate to cash in on the good deed dealing he's a complete refund the thousand dollars and adult back earlier this week >> : wednesday afternoon the system under burger king on dirty double bag left the booth at the restaurant and said the side right here: no one can claim a porno. to some things interesting >> : for 10 bundles of hundred dollar bills in the back. each one worth $1,000 >> : and the current easily walk away with zero hundred thousand dollars a the something he'd when you consider >> :
8:34 am
of the country as those now money and always was the result is like sitting stenos and >> : called police report the money warmup money placed on a candy and atm receipts fall must and suspected drugs they found the bag contents and left him with some the more valuable month bay city make a struggle employees have not been able to find the bag or an could work if all claims the bag he gets to keep the money >> : saved all home record rise of video from and minicam showing the burglars and said the harm and owner says
8:35 am
that the to the number of items including a charge clothing passports even her mail. here's is in her passport in the memo is to because it could be related organizers of the anti-fraud >> : is still investigating the invasion >> : that looking for a woman accused step in her boyfriend when the burden beanie allegedly stabbed her boyfriend since the head and left them lie in the old mission ave to in the hospital and is in stable condition this morning place to burn any considered armed and dangerous >> : by trade deals the day after black friday going half the goes summer monday cassations doing good thing these days is far slower in the gas prices >> : to places average price to go on a regular field america $2.79 press' fault could get as low to 50 gal..
8:36 am
americans feel better about becoming a recent cnn poll to percent said things are going fairly well country heading in the right direction >> : but the gas prices from the bay area >> : could fall to 50 national a sudden happened course here. average gas prices and oakland san jose under three 10 gal. and san fransico of 323 per gallon of gas and coming up on morning news against california gearing up for what whether postal officials are preparing for mudslides following this wildfire and all drug county. whether meter looking to get healthier you'll join us and some meatless dishes it to enjoy during holiday season >> : keep an eye on the weather
8:37 am
this morning as a to a live look from the roof camp insists eyes out there >> :
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
or falling rain coming down in certain parts of the bay area business a first-round much more still ahead all that rain has it officials worried that the storms could trigger mudslides in areas devastated by the king fire last summer. crews spent much of the day yesterday working for possible mudslides and that is all wiped out. and all the rain fall. david has the story >> : how caught the slopes in snags' net full and then few minutes later crops on the hillside burning during the king fired and a great what the u.s. forest service knows she can protect only
8:41 am
7000 rain and absorbing increased focus on a 1% what is most at risk of mud slide and most likely cause damage >> : that impending storm coming this way we got to work in the hibernia area >> : cruse installing and cutting down the industry's long one the main roads and the burns are >> : estimated the million-dollar smile. >> : or resting money now pignut this lot utilities also have car the cost because part of its resorts and power stations would be mudslides path. and then the sedimentation may go into returns in rochester. then cause damage. mccall mudslides but something like this should go in and not be just mutt that comes down the trees some and boulders
8:42 am
as big as these >> : his chin with a great movies and how about ms: other rain plus a look at the paramount hotel amazing gingerbread house palace. all three to be part of that and know it's a christmas we do that only return on kron 4 news weekend >> : to a it it's can be pre
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
widespread. we're gonna have to dry bread for now. also missing since own a
8:46 am
sierra nevada wind advisory in effect till tomorrow night. waste love for to o'clock this morning heading in that direction. let's talk about the rain for future tests for 9:00 still lingering showers and the south bay but will see dry conditions by lunchtime. and by letter on some nights we could see possible showers for the east bay and keep umbrellas handy just in case widespread rain back in forecast as we had in the overnight hours. we could see a correlation sued five is far higher elevations and no. but. no. forecast and the middle of next week. terrace turkey still suffer most often when i get a healthier diet for their holiday joining me now with the health committee manager. all of fiscal vegetarian and still beat
8:47 am
the delicious ninth half over area stores. mashed potato pizza. sphere and in addition to have an entire case twinkies and letter chocolates nubbles cheesecake miss it's impossible pass up. the up early this morning to that special menu with sleaze pancakes. healthy questionable but still the cheese and giving up a turkey and me but peloton
8:48 am
with a whole bunch that cures the hang hours non we talked before during commercial about a gamete don't necessarily miss me. a mystery meat is a son than i can get that they intended as a check sometimes but the most part but just chatted to those of 98210 vegetarian honeydew my tip dormont cooking very hard i kept getting sick of the connecticut well i thought and discussion go vegetarian. first of the half of us the town's >> :
8:49 am
most treasured rest of us have a vegetarian dish. he got a holiday parties deathly no need to be polite for sure. on a back to the restaurant whats next annulus. a decision on the tube. hamid corn tortillas
8:50 am
different stuffings. here they have been squashed our tucson's mushroom and tomato basil. it's a hit song for starting to a morning show talking of food. and there's the caesar salad and the best and dishes. the missing on many of for $10. corporate bank and one must ninth be healthy and on the whole bunch of beer. to the website and these location 699 out of view and then close sunday seeking your want to saturday. airline any other restaurants or advice or passalong. couple more restaurants the hit the end: the north bay a full go
8:51 am
up a million times and a one time we platter $9.10 plate and a pile up as high as wont. and one time through you to do just solid. it was of mixed to on the vegetables and a fresh crunching on the soup west tossup. as a condiment bar the has very small to peanuts and bake it with flavored vinegars and variety of hot sauces >> : is a negotiable or don't go all all kinds of concoctions. the meat burger called the guy a burger and not on their buffet. housemaid begin burger with cheese or less organic tomato and red onion. da like to begin butter and with housemaid begin meeting just right there and santa rosa one more strong passalong go ahead >> :
8:52 am
and make you hungry and thirsty this is an east bay reckless where one part all vegetarian men >> : and many options as well famous for their barbecue timepiece desserts begin cheesecake and healthy doesn't taste healthy. as we opened love most about it >> : kind of romantic spot the glass walls low lighting every popular line forming up before leaving open >> : your just talking as well made me laugh is the address their second see no criminal matter how healthy what it is always something you crave what is a >> : bacon never miss it ever goes out >> : the
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8:56 am
storm troopers 34 battle dried going along the desert and a couple filming images as star wars episode 7 the force awakens. the open till december of next year coming up on news weekend what we're learning about 200 chain during wednesday's all legal sideshow in oakland. plus what wal-mart workers to spend black friday processing across the country. and jan angeles and a few minutes about the cat miss movies of the week will be read back. >> :
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
live in san francisco or returns susceptive rather constructive the damage downtown coming up a live report. plus black friday frenzy we sits across the nation turning violent and parts the country. and try for now live look at some tracker for the nuclear umbrella the late just get details coming up. >> : morning everyone saturday morning after getting up in certain parts in some places in the bay area saw rain overnight at 1 in. of rain in certain parts and certain places came down is just a first round. you have rain
9:00 am
on the way in the bulk of the moisture develop overnight and a sunday. where dry now may encounter wet pavement. but all in all this really cloudy out there on the bay. advocacy office on shower and the afternoon evening again will be pre wet into tomorrow. and win speeds up to 35 mi. per ire are for higher elevation pre strong gust and how to dry break by monday. what weather back in the forecast tuesday wednesday. complete breakdown of future cash for coming up in 15 minutes >> : tops or fall in this morning. more protests broke out around 630 last night this time happening in san francisco protests upset over monday grand jury ruling in the michael brown shooting case in ferguson misery. and the continuance of throw objects in cellphone video showing san francisco police officer being hit over the head with what looks like a traffic barricade during an arrest
9:01 am
and we do know several people were arrested and put the telos that will be told monday till i get the final number. >> : two officers injured this more video from last night from hulk of the partnership abc seven news. and this began as to protest what along the embarcadero and another at union square those converge into one at a major again and police officers and shot wonders all kinds of problems >> : led union square d c my grip behind you next few that window all smashed up a is >> : standing at the stop in course three piquancy the storefront windows smashed a couple different places. one of several windows and saw a broken its employees to dig
9:02 am
up broken glass and said the store after this to protesters is a hammer to break the window is connected to watter protesters saw the people in union square protests in reducing injury decision police brought ed garry st.. protesters went from verbal violence match and then the crate berle region manager not here last night tells me employees customers stayed locked back in the store >> : very scary and all the national store and here broken glass broken window and down here for very very lovely time. is celebrate a season less at the protest a move down market street in the mission district last night back of a fourth of
9:03 am
vandalism one officer hit in the chest by a brick and another sister this phase at this one through bottle at a place glass shattered and come back of your life and see this window shattered this morning when several windows shattered along with their of st. anne manager here to get this meant a window boarded up >> : nearly quickly those places need to be cleaned up such an interrupt later than usual >> :
9:04 am
that took place oakland bart station causing all kinds of delays all 125 people wearing t-shirts that read black wives matter. and gathered to demonstrate the station 25 people the protests and the training themselves together and wrapped in train service in the san francisco. police arrested 14 people for crimes including obstruction of a train oakland protesters spent days rallying in the decision monday session windows businesses and of course blocking freeways >> : and ferguson misery more than a dozen protesters address last night during a street demonstration outside police department. an estimated after most compost tested early demonstrators so-called blackout black friday protest >> : outside several retail stores >> : to continue falling as
9:05 am
developments as well as protests here in the bay area and also check website for updates the kron 4 kron- 4-dot-com >> : and facebook twitter >> : black friday of course big bargains shoppers to stores across the country in droves looking for the best deals possible. and frenzy started and thursday >> : will many of the big retailer's waited till after opening says o'clock thursday night happening
9:06 am
today small business saturday shoppers and courage to shop local businesses and forget about the large chambers keeping their money local. what business saturday. and we tend >> : to be seen in the rain with wonderful movies and tv these later. first celebrating with the fairmont not help the most amazing way looking like christmas >> : in do for free at fabulous >> :
9:07 am
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on 680 in milpitas falling
9:10 am
wednesday night illegal side show video from helicopter partnership with abc seven. the port of oakland and then 23 citations and and pounding more than a dozen cars so far no rest have been made >> : officers a dense and the crowd early systematically detaining all parties present >> : with this on cnn interviewed everyone was there. who is driving and what cars and video from our hurt aircraft in like that to put up resile another date. also to aid in bed a suspicion the speed the chp says working with only the county district attorney's office to see the possible charges
9:11 am
which range in participating in side show like weapons charges >> : coming up on morning news weekend we have jan to join us with movies and then heading our way off and on and serve parts speaking of rain and weather live look outside for maariv kim even see san francisco little cloudy at this hour the to to the top will be right back
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
time diet there are places in the bay area that daughter rain or night looks like things to look better after getting a star and i may miss it to mention higher elevations north bay or half-inch of rain in san jose and pretty impressive >> : hang out starting date getting some cough a drug luging at dry conditions but it is cloudy out there. does
9:15 am
it say between two systems and some rain to ourselves affecting a lot of the area and bring closer to ukiah i could go south for the bay area heading into tonight. also since non sierra nevada and a few 6 12 in. with the next 2448 hours >> : could news they're pretty windy into that direction and would advise re o'clock this morning. future castro's most the try for the early afternoon in really early evening. possibility of showers at 7:00 tonight could see light rain and oakland's port vallejo and keep that in mind with the plans widespread rain returns in to the overnight hours beyond locally for lower elevations overnight area 1 3 in. of rain into the middle of the week. and upwards to 5 in. for the higher elevation. seven arab forecast shows what weather continues on and to tuesday wednesday was a cloudy dry conditions as the back of the work week time right
9:16 am
now 915 and back to you >> : there is thus today's wonderful for on how to all not help movies like remember chairman jim was erin fleming hotel so many movies filmed there real life and what a gift for the bay area what they do a christmas is amazing >> : will the vice president's this mutt hotel porter amazing property >> : is for having me back this is really something special time of the year coming and cut the ribbon at a gingerbread house over now half to two hours >> : a young man survivor until the cutting the ribbon this year the credit last year. such a great tradition.
9:17 am
cluttered honor >> : to chair to read house of the ticket this is how far looks right now most amazing christmas tree such a magical place any light. let's get this year. a better than last year see a picture there from last year >> : make it a little bit different truly important to surprise everybody again must come and see >> : you in the house gives go crazy >> : about to the house does 7700 + gingerbread brick submit the house 1,500 lbs. of lysing so it really is nice to be seen and to kids must admit the parents' faces as well as magical we love it >> :
9:18 am
for the cuts the kids and have been times in their marginal movies and gingerbread dog house over there. they come in and purchase the bread and butter of the gender bread house pets are a family but more importantly to care little kids. so that's fabulous so much fun it's free >> : absolutely free holiday season. but there fun of us here in d.c. the gingerbread it's all made organic kids also at the decker it the great the gingerbread so far on what the current time in get >> : a really enjoy being part of this >> :
9:19 am
a honey there's saw year >> : so much fun plunge 50,000 of these we make our own honey >> : and your honey in hundred >> : is just a fabulous time so much fun from a firm mark is delicious tale use it on everything so good at + really helping and the environment. is quite amazing. alley of afternoon tea is encourage anyone who might want to come to the afternoon teas book early because reservations up quickly incurred shoot caught >> : there may be and, i don't know if but a tiny room pretty amazing >> : awesome and moderate the car to their a little bit of what goes on to us about
9:20 am
three weeks >> : its coffee you walk through the chefs take so much pride in doing this for a and to on this lot of animation and visibility and we see nutcrackers rotating. >> : it's fantastic. will become mrs. kidd's this time of year. >> : fun thing we never while is will always be kits. the history of this hotel is
9:21 am
amazing in a whole wonderful role big child care of hallway all of history and pictures it's terrific. the try caption last tons of last year in the city. mr. rather is quick and talk captured in photography along with historical leading to the tower >> : to de for over 60,000 california foster children,
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. the trawl blue jays if tincal blockbuster trade after the a's unhappy public reason why is was like a
9:25 am
this is shipped cestus will know about that he's red sox last season in the middle of the season a bit for world series victory in return the get on unproven players. here's for all hourly dawson and their at 347 last year 12 homers 28 rbis 40 years younger than austin after billy been his lot cheaper. more than half for a half billion dollars for arbitration this coming season ways get to pictures can the grave and john nolan topping off the deal prospects moving on a warriors dog fight against the hornets in charlotte last night south curricle in the first half but in the second half the lawyers got going interested it's had
9:26 am
its way down low and of being a hero 16 fourth quarter points to a crayfish's the game 26 warriors may steal one because they show about the game neared 1611: skate with when rose 13 to on the your >> : college football staff for getting a chance to play the spoiler as ucla berlin if it when they guarantee themselves bought a maxwell championship game kevin: i company aren't answers that. absolutely winning 31 times. there's a touch on pastorate there mezzo championship game 1 of the chairs on the oregon and santa clara as a field of genes next 49 happening today golden bears taking on and why you memorial stadium berkeley's afternoon the ticket of 130 range not a problem by the >> : press for more running back
9:27 am
rest of the indefinite suspension lifted anyone had the appeal on the suspension judge found rice did not mislead commissioner roger adult first question about his domestic violence case and then express available to play immediately after the design of the team so far and let's face it get to town and at this point no team had approached citing him as one on
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
all for that. for peaceful march absolutely. i friends in this search the city will look in san francisco hard to understand why were damaging the city's >> : practice last night and market district were reports of vandalism. another needed stitches sewn to bottle and
9:32 am
a glass shattered. not missed among its people this morning constructing a parallel you have out here this morning can publish your and my across the street serious holiday music coming from bases across the street in any see all this damage >> : is see a lot of what streets there nothing widespread is the often on header miss showers in the afternoon storm tracker shows most dry conditions although it may be wet in the process of drying out look for more cycladic conditions morning to or no. the go down this bay area into tonight. and when pfizer and affect delta o'clock this morning and some snow above 66 to 500
9:33 am
ft. and do expect some snow between 6 12 in.. 26 to 48 hours and windy conditions on the past and his chance >> : like friday of course coming on now controversy. gathered to demand wage increase fixed at $15 an hour. that is a protest and your protesters held signs and the right side of your screen. similar protests two-step for wal-mart stores already in california organizers of the protest said they chose black friday they knew it would get a lot of attention on such a busy shopping day. >> : new this morning to 18 year- old after stealing items of the it in mott was yesterday. taken tucson a townie jail. and all to
9:34 am
people taking property from a parked car and gave up license plate number the official often moments later officers arrested a suspect also taken to jail months or more employees on subcompanies store milpitas as well show you what happened in new york also happening in milpitas they demanded just like the others $15 minimum wage or opportunities are and benefits to all stories about retaliation from ranchers about speaking up working conditions there put supporters said it will not shot by wal-mart to a company fixes' those problems seance come to support workers especially those who were forced to a food pantry and since time present but was like wal- mart $16 billion a year forcing workers to work in poverty. , offers plenty of opportunity for shopcraft 70% of store managers actually were promoted from
9:35 am
that location >> : hundred thousand dollar mystery in san jose man stumbles into a backpack full of cash and said burger king. searches of the rifle owner the man who from the money cannot cash and >> : hundred thousand dollars earlier this week >> : the early this is a measure of the vest and avenues and the other duffel bag left in a booth at the restaurant set aside right here on the counter but when no one can claim at sheila's owner no bustling things interesting >> : or tiny bundles of hundred
9:36 am
dollar bills and the back each one north at toll thought and thousand dollars and walked away with hundred thousand dollars. that one of us and even he what he considered in mind came to this level. those not my money very summer is less savings who knows >> : caused police to report money at along with the money the fund can be a team receives some suspected drugs it took the bag and a con chess with something he was left with something more valuable month all for ever city should cut it they said that we're proud. airline and have not found under the could work in the favor known claims that he gets to keep the money >> :
9:37 am
to she can catch and burglars and said home homeowner says they took a number of items including electronic clothing passports and even her male she fears losing her passport and mail because she says it could be related to organize and if fraud years to clear up and of course the investigating the incident >> : the place looking for a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend and blend a bernadine allegedly stabbed her boyfriend and had left him lying in the middle of mission ave often taken to hospital and is in stable condition please and bernini considered armed dangerous and on discovered a great new mobile app nature in getting the absolute best deal in shopping inside resale stores. coming up in the tech report and on
9:38 am
keeping an eye on whether raymond floyd rock and miss this breezy definite foggy fan
9:39 am
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location get the best deals when shopping us policies in. a reporter shows how works >> : inside the telstar how works items off the shelf and bar code scanner to fun and certainly we get a minute example say a lunch the up and its various again.
9:42 am
that's it and instantly recognizes the product and start comparing base and core location might be worth the hour to a nearby store for nearby deal of >> : next tells you what amazon is selling n.y. times best price bottom right there with bells on a design doesn't always have the best results the price sideshows is the best price on line that is not amazon. sen think we're likely to the link and light on my >> : of us come to enjoy its to >> :
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a comeback time now time 545 shall i knew place this saturday and of course weather is important where you should go out and more on that crossover with their cost ninth bill seal the sun shine in the afternoon the seal on a cloud cover out there if the storm brought some rain to us straight heading out most technicians for now as are two more sunshine by love and o'clock i do have more land for northrop not and year ago it kinda not sliding in the bay area during overtime hours and more rain and sunday >> : also dealing us on this year in nevada to 06 inches above 5,500 ft. over the course of 48 hours and
9:47 am
heading up there pretty windy long passes >> : overcast most dry conditions for the rest the day just a possibility we could see some use delay hope oakland perhaps redwood city getting mumbled a sprinkle and randalls overnight >> : series of storms heading our way and suspected for urban pot. little higher up we could see what weather to for the next several this. tuesday wednesday tracking another storm and credit conditions by then the were quick >> : what kinds of movies is how about. the weighted are the rain and now is been a good
9:48 am
year for documentary's stay start eliminating some tricks for people for us. at amazing document tray it on campbell ought to work i to mention about of places o'clock this affairs. is about for weather 60 degrees below zero fastness eight balls that are caught your eyes >> : campus' in antarctica is stuck here for next six months stuck in the dark. good news credible northern lights stay for a document full-year and antarctica, the next job hunter
9:49 am
completely isolated from the rest of world and then once the darkness at the moment the ball number of years people their jobs and every day way of life magic of nature there is unfortunately you have to go there to say to yourself for what they do this not a great documentary but a good one. specially those fascinated by the beauty of isolation and vice >> : to listen and see and the big screen >> : once again a big half stop. as jon lester and kicks off this new beautiful conceived crafted film animated movie kills all ages rarity taking place and some francisco heartwarming story teenager his robot this note so crime
9:50 am
commission beautifully rendered a hit for this one during oscar * this animated feature done a lot we can for our holiday family fun are on the bay area this movie the sound of music as a sing-along of on this event before wonderfully here a long shot shows glamorous trickling eleanor to sing along to the music great for the holiday and lime was worth seeing right now working ago so i don't know what template is very of riffing definitely st. vincent as really funny birdman michael keaton and
9:51 am
awake the lake is dvd but to end this moment. by taking him a bit of the two weeks goes to the is my favorite movie of the year an american sniper really good >> : one else is there frozen dvd is. mazing warble or to movie to very well done plans as another one from john lassiter shot season 24 great that it cut tobacco hopes wins the oscar >> :
9:52 am
de to move for the holidays christmas story of course and then oliver wendell christmas music scrooched our tv executive played by bill murray is really well done and then up a christmas carol that sense of a very a horrible language disgusting in boulder elected a lot. newt >> : but the really recommend right now really wonderful. blacklisted the followers died blacklist during 1950 and 40 fifty's the of the mccarthy era and hollywood what people have lives destroyed by falsely accused of being communists. this is a really good book with all movies he never knew bunch of arabia the thin man ought
9:53 am
to have to do othello blacklisted film lovers died the hollywood blacklist >> : all kinds of things and to record my family get together will to the son of music on track and family.
9:54 am
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a cat following more protests and a cut less that of silver grand jury ruling and michael brown shooting case. in recent azeri on 630 last night and san francisco's union square protesters started marching at the embarcadero marched up market street mission district and of course ended up and square against the vandals and their think their yogurt shop macy's
9:57 am
badly damaged three windows are broken trying but they're cleaning up this morning >> : a skater's release more of it to the people detained ago how other partnership abc seven. over the area of oakland's this say they recovered to fire arms issued 2015 cetaceans more than a dozen cars so far committed u.s. senator felt looking for a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend and see a picture right there and a boyfriend to in the hospital is one of their
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>> wake up. wake up. >> there's hayward, concord -- closing shop. >> it saturday morning. he slept through the whole weekend. >> yes i did. >> check out my pictures. >> i have pictures taking healthys with you. >> why did you give me so much turkey? >> i'm this black friday. if you missed black friday, stay tuned for the show because there are door busters and all kinds of things. they tuned for bay area bargains, coming up right


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